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The essential beauty tool your routine has been missing

Step out of the shadows and into your best light

You’ve heard the old saying, ‘Good lighting makes all the difference…’ - well, it’s true!

Bring professional-style lighting into your home with Backstage Beauty Lights™

These sleek and unique LED lights will transform every aspect of your beauty routine, wherever you are.

Your Routine Just Got Easier

Simply choose your mirrored surface. Position the lights, one on each side of your face. Press, Light, Makeup….and GO!

Choose any mirror in your house where you need perfect, Hollywood-style lighting.

Position the lights on either side of your face.

Press the double suction cups to install. Then turn on the lights for a beautiful, soft light all over your face.

  • Professional

    Like Hollywood-style lighting, these broad spectrum LEDs are designed to mimic natural sunlight to give you better color accuracy. The more color accuracy – the better your application!

  • Portable

    Transform any  mirror, any time – Backstage Beauty Lights™ are fully transportable, with easily removable suction cups, they can stick to any mirrored surface, anywhere you need them.

  • Perfect

    Positioned to perfectly illuminate your face so you can create a flawless finish, every time - use your products the way they were designed to be used, in the best lighting possible.


Are you ready for your close-up?

Backstage Beauty Lights™

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